A Badly Damaged Tooth Might Require Endodontic Therapy to Prevent Future Complications

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Your tooth enamel is harder than your bones. This is what gives your teeth the strength to bite, chew and grind food. As durable as your teeth are, there are still times when a hard blow to the face or other oral trauma, can impart enough force to severely fracture, crack or damage a tooth. If the damage to the internal structures is severe, Dr. Andrew Calhoun might need to provide endodontic therapy to alleviate the pain and prevent further complications.

First, he will conduct a thorough examination with a series of X-rays to assess the extent of the damage. Then, he will remove all of the damaged enamel and related internal structures before forming an abutment out of a rubbery material called gutta-percha. Eventually, this will serve as the anchor point for a dental crown.

A detailed impression will be made of the abutment and any of the corresponding teeth. This will be sent to a dental lab to serve as a guide while the technicians custom-craft your new crown. At the end of the appointment, your dentist will secure a hard, plastic, temporary crown over the abutment to protect it.

Once the permanent crown is completed, Dr. Andrew Calhoun will call you back into Jacksonville Endodontic Associates to cement it into place. With the proper care and cleaning, this should restore your badly damaged tooth for many years to come.

If you have a fractured, cracked or otherwise damaged tooth, you should call Dr. Andrew Calhoun at 904.352.2510 to see if it needs to be treated by endodontic therapy in Jacksonville, Florida.