A Root Canal Can Might Be Needed to Restore a Badly Decayed Tooth

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Tooth decay is often the result of long-term poor oral hygiene. When it afflicts a tooth the bacterial presence will inevitably start to spread deeper and deeper into the tooth. If the decay penetrates the root and the socket, it could so severely weaken the tooth that it starts to fracture dangerously.

For a tooth in this dire of a condition, Dr. Andrew Calhoun and the endodontic specialists at his Jacksonville, Florida clinic might be able to restore the tooth’s presence in your mouth with a root canal. This can help alleviate any pain and prevent a dangerous infection from developing deep within your gums.

This mode of treatment calls for removing any remaining tooth enamel and any other decayed material. Should he find any signs of bacterial infection in the gums, Dr. Andrew Calhoun will present you with treatment options.

Dr. Andrew Calhoun will then rebuild the internal structure of the tooth with a special endodontic material known as gutta percha. An impression will be made of this abutment which will be sent to a state-of-the-art dental lab, where a crown will be made.

To protect the tooth, Dr. Andrew Calhoun will secure a hard-plastic cap of a temporary crown.

When it’s ready, you will need to come back into Dr. Andrew Calhoun’s clinic to have the crown cemented onto the new abutment with a strong dental adhesive.

If you have a tooth suffering from severe decay and you live in the Jacksonville, Florida area, you should call 904-296-8884 to seek endodontic care with Dr. Andrew Calhoun.