A Root Canal Might Be Able to Restore a Knocked-Out Tooth

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Oral trauma and dental emergencies are always causes for concern. When a blow to the face or other oral accident knocks a tooth out, the trauma often results in the total loss of the tooth. In some cases, there might be enough of the root and the vital internal structures of the tooth remaining in the socket for Dr. Andrew Calhoun to perform a root canal.

This is a mode of treatment that calls for removing any severely damaged structures to alleviate pain and prevent a future infection. Then, your endodontist will use a special material known as gutta percha to recreate the internal structure of the tooth. This allows us to form a small post-shaped structure called an abutment.

Once this is done, he will cast a detailed impression of the area, which will be sent to our off-site dental lab. This will serve as a guide while the technicians create a dental crown from either porcelain, gold, or other metallic alloys.

When it’s completed, our team will cement the crown onto the newly restored abutment with a strong dental adhesive. This will completely restore the presence and function of the previously knocked-out tooth for many years to come.

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