A Root Canal Might Be Needed to Deal with a Severe Dental Trauma

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Dental trauma can come in many different forms and degrees of severity. In the case of a simple chip or dental fracture that is limited to the tooth enamel layer, the problem might be remedied by a filling or a crown.

If the incident was severe, and the internal structures of the tooth have been damaged, you might experience heightened sensitivity, discomfort, and even persistent pain. In a situation like this, you shouldn’t delay in seeking professional care with the endodontic specialists at Jacksonville Endodontic Associates’s Jacksonville, Florida endodontic clinic.

Our highly-trained endodontists will conduct a thorough examination of the damaged tooth to assess the severity of the problem. Once this is done, we can start the process of removing the entirety of the tooth enamel layer and extracting any other damaged dental tissues from within the tooth.

Your endodontist will then rebuild the internal structures to form an abutment that will eventually serve to anchor a crown in your mouth. Once it’s been cemented in place, it will fully restore the tooth’s presence and full function for many years to come.

If you live in the Jacksonville, Florida area and you’ve suffered a dental trauma or have a painful tooth, you shouldn’t delay in calling 904-296-8884 to seek endodontic care at Jacksonville Endodontic Associates’s clinic.