An Endodontist Might Need to Drain a Dental Abscess

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A dental abscess is a collection of infected fluid within the periodontal tissues. It is often associated with a severely decayed tooth that has allowed bacteria to develop a presence at its root.

Common symptoms of a dental abscess often include a building pressure and pain in the gums below a tooth with an untreated cavity. This might also be associated with a worsening toothache or a gradually developing fever.

Without treatment from a professionally trained endodontist like Dr. Andrew Calhoun and the staff at Jacksonville Endodontic Associates, an untreated dental abscess could lead to severe medical complications. This could include the blood infection which is known as sepsis.

In many of these cases, Dr. Andrew Calhoun will need to perform a root canal to address the severely decayed tooth. This mode of treatment might also include draining the infected fluid from a dental abscess. Afterward he can start the process of replacing the tooth’s enamel layer with a dental crown restoration.

Other aftercare measures might also include a prescription for pain medication and a course of antibiotics to knock out any lingering infection. Dr. Andrew Calhoun will cover any additional recovery measures with you after treating the tooth.

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