Endodontic Therapy Might Be Needed to Treat Toothache Pain

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When the natural bacteria living in your mouth managed to exploit a chip, missing filling or cause an area of tooth decay, it can cause significant distress. One of the most serious causes for concern is when a toothache develops in a tooth. This typically starts out as a mild discomfort that gradually escalates. A feeling of pain and pressure in the underlying gums is of particular concern, as it could mean that an infection or abscess has formed.

Even if you can experience some relief from a topical oral analgesic, you should still strongly consider seeking endodontic care at Dr. Andrew Calhounā€™s Jacksonville, Florida clinic. In most cases of toothache pain, related to bacterial decay, Dr. Andrew Calhoun will need to perform endodontic therapy.

Otherwise known as a root canal, this is a special therapy, designed to remove the tooth enamel layer of the afflicted tooth and extract any other decayed material from the pulp or root. Once this is done, Dr. Andrew Calhoun will rebuild the structure of the tooth with a material known as gutta percha.

This will form an abutment capable of anchoring a crown with the original strength you enjoyed when the tooth was healthy.

If you live in the Jacksonville, Florida area and you are experiencing toothache pain, you should call 904-296-8884 to seek endodontic care with Dr. Andrew Calhoun.