My Root Canal Failed–What Now?

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Root canal therapy is used to remedy a variety of situations, including extensive tooth decay, damage, and infection. This process has a high rate of success, and results typically last a lifetime. But sometimes, pain or infection return to the affected tooth, months or even years later. What can then be done?

Root canal therapy can fail for a number of reasons. It may be that the tooth was not able to heal properly after the procedure and a new infection has developed. This can happen if complicated canal anatomy isn’t noticed or if a crown is placed improperly or after too much time. One of the ways to remedy a failed root canal is to retreat it.

Endodontic retreatment is very similar to normal root canal therapy. Dr. Andrew Calhoun reopens the tooth, removing any filling materials, in order to re-examine it. Any infection is then carefully removed, the canals cleaned and shaped, and the tooth re-filled. A new crown will cap off the whole thing, and the tooth will once again be good as new.

Infections in the teeth, if left untreated, can cause severe pain and significant damage to the tooth as well as surrounding tissues. If you have already received root canal therapy but are again experiencing pain and discomfort of the affected tooth, please call Jacksonville Endodontic Associates today. Endodontic retreatment may be what relieves your pain and gives your smile back.