Oral Health Conditions that May Require a Root Canal Procedure

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Are you interested in learning more about root canal treatment and what causes it to need to be performed? Typically, Dr. Andrew Calhoun performs root canal procedure on severely damaged teeth to prevent the need for extraction. There are many dental conditions that could affect your tooth pulp and require root canal treatment in order to preserve the tooth.

Root canal treatment is usually reserved for situations in which the dental pulp is affected to the point that it can’t be repaired. While tooth pulp is important to the tooth and guards the blood vessels, tooth nerves and connective tissues, it is not necessary to helping the tooth last for many years.

Certain conditions can reach through tooth enamel to affect tooth pulp, including bad oral accidents and blunt head and facial trauma that cause your teeth to develop chips, fractures or cracks. These become access points for bacteria to reach your inner tooth and result in significant damage.

We encourage you to beware of tooth risks such as cavities and tooth enamel erosion because these can form holes in the tooth and channel bacteria straight to the tooth pulp. Daily oral health care such as brushing and flossing can often be sufficient to prevent these conditions, but if they develop to the point that they compromise the pulp, it may be that root canal treatment is in the best interest of your tooth.

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