Oral Health Marvels: Endodontics

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Are you familiar with Endodontics? Endodontics is a field of dentistry that is designed to care for the pulp of a tooth. Due to the importance of the pulp of the tooth, it must be cared for and well-maintained to ensure the tooth can continue to function properly. Endodontic treatments are designed to make sure the pulp of a tooth and the tissues within your tooth’s root are well-maintained. Common facts concerning endodontics are as follows:

– Endodontists require an additional two years of medical training past dental school to perform complex treatments involved with endodontics.
– Endodontic treatments are designed to save broken or damaged teeth that may otherwise need to be extracted.
– With treatments such as root canals, endodontists are able to save millions of teeth each year.
– If a pulp is removed with a root canal therapy, it is still possible that the tooth can continue to last effectively in your mouth for years to come.

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