Oral Health Marvels: Root Canal Therapy

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Are you familiar with a specialized field within a branch of endodontics known as root canal therapy? Root canal therapy is a specific treatment designed to help care for the inner linings of a tooth to ensure the tooth can survive pulp damage. For more information concerning root canal therapy, look below:

– Root canal therapy is an endodontic treatment designed to remove the pulp without destroying the tooth.
– If you suffer from deep cavities and extensive dental erosion, it can infect your pulp and leave you liable for a root canal therapy.
– Repeated dental procedures that slowly wear away the tooth enamel on a tooth can leave a tooth of vulnerable to pulp infection.
– Pulp infection can often occur if bacteria enter a tooth after an oral accident or injury. If any fractures or splits occur with the surface of a tooth, they will need to be repaired.
– Microscopic damage due to various oral health risks can leave a tooth vulnerable to bacterial infections that can cause pulp failure.

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