A Severely Damaged Tooth Might Need a Root Canal

An unprotected blow to the face, especially during sporting events can pose a serious threat to the health of one or more of your teeth. Sometimes this could result in a simple dental fracture that can be treated with a crown. Yet there are other times when a severe blow damages more than tooth enamel… Read more »

A Root Canal Can Might Be Needed to Restore a Badly Decayed Tooth

Tooth decay is often the result of long-term poor oral hygiene. When it afflicts a tooth the bacterial presence will inevitably start to spread deeper and deeper into the tooth. If the decay penetrates the root and the socket, it could so severely weaken the tooth that it starts to fracture dangerously. For a tooth… Read more »

A Root Canal Might Be Needed to Deal with a Severe Dental Trauma

Dental trauma can come in many different forms and degrees of severity. In the case of a simple chip or dental fracture that is limited to the tooth enamel layer, the problem might be remedied by a filling or a crown. If the incident was severe, and the internal structures of the tooth have been… Read more »

Endodontic Therapy Might Be Needed to Treat Toothache Pain

When the natural bacteria living in your mouth managed to exploit a chip, missing filling or cause an area of tooth decay, it can cause significant distress. One of the most serious causes for concern is when a toothache develops in a tooth. This typically starts out as a mild discomfort that gradually escalates. A… Read more »

A Severe Dental Fracture Might Need Endodontic Care

Oral injuries are increasingly more likely to occur for contact sport athletes or for people participating in rigorous activities. Chances of oral trauma also increase significantly if you are lax about using a quality mouthguard at the appropriate times. When a dental injury like a dental fracture occurs, it can likely cause discomfort or even… Read more »

A Tooth with a Badly Infected Root Might Require Endodontic Care

Tooth decay often afflicts a tooth with chipped or otherwise compromised tooth enamel. With early diagnosis and professional treatment, a small cavity can often be repaired with a dental filling or a dental crown restoration. Should the bacterial presence manage to infiltrate the inner structures of the tooth, it could lead to more significant oral… Read more »

Severe Tooth Decay Might Require Endodontic Care

Tooth decay is always a serious cause for concern as it can cause discomfort, impaired oral function, and serious infection. Should you procrastinate professional treatment for too long, the bacterial could manage to invade the root of the tooth. For a tooth in this condition, a basic filling simply cannot be an effective treatment. To… Read more »

An Endodontist Might Be Needed to Treat Dental Avulsion

A severe oral trauma from a hard blow to the face or accidental fall has the potential to cause significant damage to a tooth and the socket anchoring it in your mouth. In a case where the tooth is knocked out or severed at the gumline, Dr. might be needed to treat the dental avulsion…. Read more »

A Severely Decayed Tooth Might Need Endodontic Care

Tooth decay is often the result of poor oral hygiene habits encouraging your oral bacteria to weaken or compromise an area of tooth enamel. These so-called cavities can continue to spread without timely, professional treatment. Should tooth decay advance to the internal structures of the tooth, the problem can quickly turn severe. Common symptoms of… Read more »

A Root Canal Might Be Able to Restore a Knocked-Out Tooth

Oral trauma and dental emergencies are always causes for concern. When a blow to the face or other oral accident knocks a tooth out, the trauma often results in the total loss of the tooth. In some cases, there might be enough of the root and the vital internal structures of the tooth remaining in… Read more »