Severe Tooth Decay Might Require Endodontic Care

Tooth decay is always a serious cause for concern as it can cause discomfort, impaired oral function, and serious infection. Should you procrastinate professional treatment for too long, the bacterial could manage to invade the root of the tooth. For a tooth in this condition, a basic filling simply cannot be an effective treatment. To… Read more »

An Endodontist Might Be Needed to Treat Dental Avulsion

A severe oral trauma from a hard blow to the face or accidental fall has the potential to cause significant damage to a tooth and the socket anchoring it in your mouth. In a case where the tooth is knocked out or severed at the gumline, Dr. might be needed to treat the dental avulsion…. Read more »

A Severely Decayed Tooth Might Need Endodontic Care

Tooth decay is often the result of poor oral hygiene habits encouraging your oral bacteria to weaken or compromise an area of tooth enamel. These so-called cavities can continue to spread without timely, professional treatment. Should tooth decay advance to the internal structures of the tooth, the problem can quickly turn severe. Common symptoms of… Read more »

A Root Canal Might Be Able to Restore a Knocked-Out Tooth

Oral trauma and dental emergencies are always causes for concern. When a blow to the face or other oral accident knocks a tooth out, the trauma often results in the total loss of the tooth. In some cases, there might be enough of the root and the vital internal structures of the tooth remaining in… Read more »

A Crown with a Damaged Abutment

A dental crown is essentially a replica of the tooth enamel layer of a tooth. It is secured onto an abutment that is made from the otherwise healthy internal structures of the tooth. While it is cemented in place with a strong dental adhesive, there are things that can weaken this bond. If this happens,… Read more »

A Severely Damaged Tooth Might Need Endodontic Therapy

The durability of your teeth comes largely from the strength of your tooth enamel. While it’s rare, there are times when an oral accident, like a blow to the face, can chip, fracture or severely crack a tooth. If the damage to the pulp or root of the tooth is significant, ’s endodontic staff might… Read more »

Did You Have Root Canal Therapy? What Can You Eat Now?

The center of your teeth could become damaged, but did you know that if the center of our tooth is damaged, you may need root canal therapy? If you decide to avoid this treatment, you could actually lose the damaged tooth. We strongly recommend this treatment if you damage the center of your tooth. We… Read more »

What You Should Know About Root Canal Therapy

If there was one dental procedure you’d like to avoid, what would you say it is? If your first impulse was root canal therapy, you aren’t alone. Many people hope to avoid this treatment. While it’s always better to keep your teeth healthy, you may not always be able to avoid the need for root… Read more »

Endodontic Therapy Can Treat the Pain from a Cracked Tooth

There are rare instances when a blow to the face can carry so much force that it can severely fracture or crack a tooth. When this happens, the potential damage to the pulp, root or nerve of the tooth can be severe. The resulting pain can be traumatic, and to effectively treat it, Dr. might… Read more »

A Tooth with a Bad Filling Might Need a Root Canal

Dental fillings are designed to restore the full function of a tooth and prevent complications after it was attacked by tooth decay. As the years go by, the pervasive bacteria living in your mouth can exploit the seam between the filling and the surrounding healthy tooth enamel. When this happens, the bacteria can eventually infiltrate… Read more »