Severe Tooth Decay Might Require Endodontic Care

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Tooth decay is always a serious cause for concern as it can cause discomfort, impaired oral function, and serious infection. Should you procrastinate professional treatment for too long, the bacterial could manage to invade the root of the tooth.

For a tooth in this condition, a basic filling simply cannot be an effective treatment. To remedy the problem and restore the full function of the tooth, you will need to seek treatment at Jacksonville Endodontic Associates.

To treat a severely decayed tooth with an infected root, Dr. Andrew Calhoun might recommend performing a root canal. This is a special endodontic course of therapy designed to remove the affected materials as well as the decayed tooth enamel layer.

Once this is done, Dr. Andrew Calhoun will use a special dental material to create a pillar-shaped abutment. Then, he will start the process of fitting you for a dental crown that will be professionally crafted at a state-of-the-art dental lab.

You will need to come back in for a short second appointment once the crown has been completed. Once Dr. Andrew Calhoun has cemented the crown onto the abutment, the newly restored tooth can serve you for many years to come.

If you live in the Jacksonville, Florida, area and you are suffering with a severely decayed tooth, you should call 904-296-8884 to seek endodontic care at Dr. Andrew Calhounā€™s clinic.