The Basics About Root Canal Treatment

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Why Might Dental Pulp Need to Be Removed?
The dental pulp (the tissue, blood vessels, and nerves in the middle of the tooth) can become damaged from several things, including a cracked tooth, an injury or blow to a tooth, or a deep cavity. If damaged dental pulp is not removed, an abscess (a pus-filled pocket at the tooth’s root) can form. An infection in the root canal can also cause problems like:

– Swelling that can move to the neck, head, or face
– Bone loss around the tooth’s root
– Drainage problems around the tooth’s root
– Severe toothache
– Tooth sensitivity that won’t go away
– Darkening of the tooth

What Can I Expect During Root Canal Therapy?
If root canal therapy is deemed necessary, Dr. Andrew Calhoun will make an opening in the tooth, through which the infected dental pulp is taken out. The root canals are then cleaned thoroughly. After this, the root canals are permanently filled, usually with a material called gutta-percha. The root canals are then sealed. A dental crown may be placed to support the remaining tooth and to return it to its natural shape, strength, and appearance.

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