The Basics of Endodontics

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Endodontics is a commonly used term to describe the specialty branch in dentistry dedicated to caring for the pulp of a tooth and the tissues within the root. For a better understanding of the basics of Endodontics, listed below are some important facts you should know about:

– It is possible for teeth that have had a root canal treatment to last a lifetime.
– Not only are endodontists capable of performing root canal treatments, they can perform advanced endodontic surgeries including ones to save damaged or broken teeth.
– Endodontists are trained to save broken or damaged teeth that otherwise would probably need to be extracted and replaced.
– By saving a tooth with a root canal treatment, it can make your tooth more functional for chewing foods, allow your smile to keep its natural look, and will keep your other teeth healthy and free of the dangers that come with missing teeth.
– Each year in the United States, Endodontists save millions of teeth with endodontic treatments including root canals.
– Endodontists need an additional two years of advanced medical training beyond dental school.

Don’t wait until it’s too late for an endodontic treatment. If you would like to know if you need endodontic therapy, please book an oral exam with Dr. Andrew Calhoun and our team at Jacksonville Endodontic Associates at our dentist office in Jacksonville, Florida, by calling us at 904.352.2510. We look forward to seeing you soon!