Understanding Tooth Structure

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The structure of your teeth is not uniform. Every one of your teeth has multiple layers each with its own characteristic and shape, depending on the tooth’s locations in your mouth.

The outermost layer of a tooth, what you can see in the mirror is the enamel. This is made from a hard mineral crystal substance that gives you the ability to bite off, chew and grind the foods you eat. Damage and problems in the enamel layer are most often dealt with by your dentist.

Beneath the enamel layer is a softer, more sensitive layer known as the dentin. This layer actually makes up a significant amount of the tooth’s structure and even can influence the color of a tooth in your smile. If exposed this layer can be sensitive. Damage here can often be repaired by a dentist or the endodontists at Jacksonville Endodontic Associates.

Beneath the dentin layer is the pulp of the tooth. This soft material can be very sensitive if damaged, exposed or subject to decay and infection. Issues in this layer often require the skills of the endodontic specialists at Jacksonville Endodontic Associates. It’s important to have any damage in this area addressed as soon as possible before it develops into something serious!

The root of the tooth contains nerves and blood vessels that are essential for keeping the tooth alive. Damage, decay or infection at this level of the tooth usually requires the endodontists at Jacksonville Endodontic Associates to perform a root canal. This procedure will replace the problematic parts of the root with a rubbery material called gutta-percha. This will restore enough structure to the tooth to later anchor a crown.

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