What Is an Apicoectomy?

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If you have a toothache, it may be caused by an abscessed tooth. This is when the root of the tooth becomes infected, usually from damage or decay to the tooth. Left to its own devices, abscesses can eventually cause the loss of the tooth. The standard treatment for abscesses is root canal treatment. But what happens if the infection returns? In this case, an apicoectomy might be the solution.

Root canal treatment means accessing and cleaning the infected root of the tooth, and has a high rate of effectiveness. But, as with infections throughout the body, there is a possibility the infection will return. Losing a tooth to extraction should be a last resort, so Dr. Andrew Calhoun may recommend an apicoectomy.

“Apico” comes from the Latin word for crown or cap, and here refers to the tip of the tooth root. If infection is so pervasive that it cannot be cleaned off, as in a root canal, the entire tip of the infected root must be removed. A filling is then placed, which seals the end of the root. This procedure has a high rate of success in treating recurring root infection.

Endodontics can help save your teeth if they have become damaged and infected through decay or injury. To learn more about apicoectomy or set an appointment at Jacksonville Endodontic Associates, please call our Jacksonville, FL, office today.