You Should Not Dismiss a Minor Toothache

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The internal structures of a tooth can often be very sensitive. When a small cavity or damage from a recent dental trauma affect dental material beyond the tooth enamel it can affect the dentin, pulp, nerve, or root within a tooth.

Even if the toothache pain is minimal, you should not dismiss it. Without specialist care from a trained endodontist like Dr. Andrew Calhoun the compromised tooth could worsen, leading to severe pain and complications.

Dr. Andrew Calhoun will by performing a comprehensive examination of the tooth. This will determine the exact nature and severity of the problem. In many of these cases, the most viable treatment is to have him perform a root canal.

This endodontic therapy will effectively remove any compromised tissues from within the tooth. Then, Dr. Andrew Calhoun will carefully reconstruct the internal structure of the tooth to prepare an abutment capable of anchoring a dental crown.

The dental crown will be created in a professional dental lab. When it’s ready a member of Dr. Andrew Calhoun’s staff will call you back in to have it installed onto the abutment and secured with a strong dental adhesive.

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